Dorben Polytechnic, Abuja Open, Distance, and Flexible e-Learning (ODFeL)


Who We Are

Dorben Polytechnic, Abuja Open, Distance, and Flexible e-Learning (ODFeL) gives students the freedom to learn from anywhere, anytime & anyhow. It enables you to deal with office, businesses, family, and other constraints that may affect your conventional study

What We Do

We provide ND and HND programmes in accounting, business admin, masscom, public admin, social sciences, computer science, arts and engineering. Our education services ranked top 10 private polytechnics in Nigeria by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

Students from different walks of life are choosing to enroll for the Dorben Polytechnic ODFeL programme in record numbers and for many reasons but they all share the same goal: to earn a high-quality education and to prepare them for life long success in our modern world.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to raise professional world leaders in a changing and complex society. We believe that education is for everyone

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster academic and career success by providing high-quality academic studies and professional development using cutting-edge technology in a safe, accessible, and affordable learning environment.

Our Core Values

Technology: Implementing cutting-edge technology that enhances instruction and prepare students for life long success.

Integrity: Integrity is the defining quality of our people and our work. Strive to do the right thing always, act truthfully and honorably, and be unafraid in being your true self. Do it all even when no one is watching.

Innovation: Innovation is the nucleus of our institution. We value original thinking, the passion to attack difficult challenges,and thoughtful feedback - openly giving and receiving it. Our mantra here is,“Why not?”

Diversity: Different views and experiences are advantages. Our global presence gives us perspectives that drive better institution and fostering a learning community in which the diverse values, goals, and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.

Excellence: Excellence Is a State of Mind, we have high standards.We execute on the details. We take pride in our work through simple, easy and relevant solutions.


Why Choose Dorben ODFeL?

Dorben ODFeL


Study from anywhere at any time; Attend to your job or family while studying at your own pace

Skilled Lecturers

Learn from the best lecturers with higher experience in your course of study at the comfort of your home

Tuition Fee

Affordable tuition and flexible payment methods

Same Certificates

Same Dorben Polytechnic certificate with the full-time and regular students.

Easy Course Access

24 hours and everyday access to lectures and course contents

Easy Calender

Uninterrupted academic calendar


We offer both HND and ND ODFeL Programmes. This programme has a flexible study option that can be studied via our Online ODFeL portal, ideal for those in employment or with other commitments, providing flexible study options that fit around work or family.





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